We, at medivisc, have developed a new state of the art technology which we call “pneumatic foam”.  We have done extensive research for the best and healthiest material that a pillow can be made of and memory foam is one of the best healthy options but still memory foam had some disadvantages.  We at medivisc have taken the lead to use a new material that holds the health and comfort benefits of memory foam while overcoming its disadvantages.

So why pneumatic foam ?

Molds to the shape of your head & neck providing perfect support allowing the deepest and most comfortable sleep.

Unlike normal memory foam, with our open cell technology, Medivisc pillow does not heat up while sleeping

Reduces pressure points with a balanced weight distribution technology resulting in less neck & back pain

Perfect balance between hard and fluffy to ensure a unique sleeping experience.

By aligning your head with your spine, it improves airway and breathing.

We offer 2 years warranty that our pillow will never loose any height and maintain the same hardness balance